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The Tax Treatment Plan™

If the only time you touch your taxes is when you file, you could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in savings—money you could invest in your future. At MAHAN, we analyze your tax and business activity to create a custom plan to optimize your tax liability. Reclaim your financial freedom with a Tax Treatment Plan™ tailor-made to you.

Here’s how we develop your Tax Treatment Plan™:

  • Accumulation of Tax Data: It all begins with our comprehensive data collection process. We gather your current and historic tax and financial information from income sources and investments to expenses, credits, and deductions.
  • Data & Review: Once we accumulate your data, our dedicated team of advisors analyzes it thoroughly to forecast your tax liability and lay the foundation for a personalized tax strategy.
  • Q&A on Tax Data Input: Have questions or need assistance during the data input process? We’re here to provide guidance and answers to your questions. Your peace of mind is our priority.
  • Compliance Review: Tax laws are complex and ever-evolving. Our team of advisors knows the ins and outs of the most up-to-date tax regulations, so you can feel secure that your personalized tax strategies remain compliant with state and federal laws.
  • Strategic Tax Planning Review: This is where the magic happens. Your Tax Treatment Plan™ transforms your financial data into a dynamic, personalized tax strategy. We’ll identify opportunities to reduce your tax liability, optimize your investments, and make the most of available deductions and credits. The result? A tax plan that works for you.

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