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Maximizing Tax Efficiency

Your Tax Treatment Plan™ is a personalized tax strategy designed to minimize your tax liability through optimizing deductions, exemptions, and credits. If the only time you touch your taxes is when you file, you could be missing out on tens of thousands of savings—money you could be investing back into your practice. At MAHAN, we analyze your tax and business activity to create a proactive plan that gives you ample time to make adjustments to your investments, operations, assets, and more, ensuring you get every break you deserve.

Tax Treatment Plan™

Your practice is unlike any other. Here’s how we work with you to develop a Tax Treatment Plan™ that’s right for you:

Client Tax Calender Of Events


15 January

  • Individual Q4 1040 Est. Tax Pmts. Due


01 March

  • Personal Property Schedule B's Due

15 March

  • File C Corporation 1120 Returns or Form 7004 6 Month Extension
  • File S Corporation 1120S Returns or Form 7004 6 Month Extension


15 April

  • File Individual 1040 Returns or Form 4868 6 Month Extension
  • Individual Q1 1040 Est. Tax Pmts. Due
  • File Partnership 1065 Returns or Form 7004 5 Month Extension
  • Corporation Q1 Estimated Tax Deposits Due


15 June

  • Individual Q2 1040 Est. Tax Pmts. Due
  • Corporation Q2 Estimated Tax Deposits Due


15 September

  • Extended C Corporation 1120; S Coporation 1120S; Partnership 1065 Returns Due
  • Individual Q3 1040 Est. Tax Pmts. Due
  • Corporation Q3 Estimated Tax Deposits Due


15 October

  • Extended Individual 1040 Returns Due


15 December

  • Corporation Q4 Estimated Tax Deposits Due

Tax Treatment Plan™

Estate and Legacy Planning

Feel secure in your future with the dedicated support of MAHAN’s estate and legacy planning experts. Learn what you can do now to protect your future.

Fixed Asset Planning

Identify and leverage which fixed assets can help increase your yearly deductions by strategizing bonus depreciation, cost segregation, and more.

Research & Development

You could qualify for a research and development credit for contributions to development of new products, processes, techniques, or technologies.

Integrated Tax and Financial Planning

Align your tax strategy and financials to maximize your business profitability. Learn how our comprehensive planning can guide the right decisions for your business to yield a high return on investment when it comes time to file.

State and Local Taxes (SALT)

Reduce your tax liability by deducting state and local taxes on your federal tax returns when you itemize deductions.

Tax Consulting

MAHAN consultants keep you up-to-date on changing tax laws so you can focus on growing your business. Don’t get caught off guard with end-of-year surprises. Plan ahead and feel at ease with us.